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“Against all your good advice we did do our trip to Dusseldorf for Medica – a mere week and a half after the operation. Please forgive me for doing it, but I blame you a little bit because I felt so fantastic after the operation (said tongue in cheek – I know I did this at my own risk!). In all honesty though, the first about three days, I still used pain meds and had cramping in my uterus, like a heavy period but without the bleeding. I had no appetite and regularly wanted to lie down and rest. The rest did me well and by the 4th day I felt good. By day 5 I spent almost a full day at our offices, feeling good and with almost no pain whatsoever. So within a week I felt so great, we felt comfortable to go ahead with our trip after all. I took every precaution, from taking some aspirin, to getting good and comfortable seats on the plane, wearing compression socks, but also regularly taking walks and stretching. I had no discomfort on the plane whatsoever.

While on our trip, about two weeks after the operation, we went running again for the first time, but then I started cramping again – I was not sure what this meant, so I took it easy again. I think it might have been what should have been my next period, but I had no bleeding, only the pain. It only came when I was very active though, even from walking briskly, so I took it easy for that week. Since then however, I have felt great. Just this past week, I think I had what was my first proper period again – very little bleeding, almost no pain. I have had no more pain or even cramps.

All in all, I think this is a miracle procedure. I cannot fathom why not one but two highly skilled gynaecologists here in Pretoria would have recommended a hysterectomy – which would have meant no driving, bed rest and at least 4 weeks away from the office. For me, that would have just been an impossibility. Why on earth they do not recommend UFE to their patients I cannot understand. This entire process, from the staff to the actual procedure, was such a “good” medical experience – I would highly recommend it to anyone with similar medical symptoms. And so many women do! I have made every effort to spread the word here in Gauteng among my friends. You and your staff have been absolutely incredible – thanks so much for the supportiveness and care. I include Dr Olarugun in this – he has such a gentle and professional manner. I have seen many gynaecologists in my life, and I truly believe he has been the best one by far.

I wish you all the best with your practice Gary – you and your team change people’s lives!! I am truly grateful to have found you.”