UCT Private Academic Hospital
UCT Private Academic Hospital

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Pre Admission

What to bring

In order to facilitate a speedy admission, please ensure that you bring the following:

  • Your medical aid membership card
  • Your medical aid pre-admission authorisation number
  • Proof of identity of the patient, and the principal medical aid member (identity document or driver’s license)
  • All X-rays and/or blood tests which may be required
  • Injury on duty (IOD) admissions, Employer’s Report (WCL 2), First Medical Report (WCL 4), Re-opening letter (where applicable) certified copy of identity document

In addition the following is recommended:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • Remove all make-up and nail polish prior to your arrival
  • If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian will be required to give written consent for you to have anaesthetic. In addition, this person will be asked to accept liability for your account
  • Earphones can be purchased at the Main Reception
  • Bring all your chronic medication with you

What not to bring

We strongly advise that cellular telephones, jewellery, valuables, money, iPads, credit cards and contact lenses be left at home or given to a relative/friend for safekeeping. Although we attempt to prevent the loss of valuables, we cannot be held responsible should any losses occur during your stay.

No firearms are allowed on the premises. Should you carry a firearm, kindly hand this in at Reception for safekeeping. In addition, it is not advisable to use a cellular telephone in your ward, since this may disrupt other patients, and could interfere with certain electronic equipment.

For confidentiality and health reasons no photographs, recordings or video footage may be captured on these premises.

Pets are not allowed in the hospital.