UCT Private Academic Hospital
UCT Private Academic Hospital

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Other Information

Telephones / iPads

The ward’s personal assistant will convey all telephone messages to you. The telephones located at the reception desk and nursing stations are for the use of medical personnel only. Should you wish to bring your cell phone and/or iPad, it will be at your own risk as the hospital cannot take responsibility for any loss. Please note, however, that there are certain areas within the hospital, such as the intensive care units and theatre, where the use of cellular telephones is not permitted.


We respect your right to privacy, and as a result, will not release any information regarding your health over the telephone. Please discuss this with your immediate family to ensure that they convey any relevant information to friends and colleagues.


We take pride in serving our patients a variety of freshly cooked meals based on sound nutritional principles. Our kitchen is Halaal and offer special diets as prescribed by your physician.

We realize that a wholesome, healthy diet plays a fundamental role in your recuperation process and acknowledge that, for a number of reasons, specific dietary requirements may apply to patients at different times.

Our registered dietician is available to assist you with any queries you may have, and our kitchen staff will make every effort to ensure that your dietary requests are met.

Please inform the admitting nurse or ward hostess if you have any food allergies.

Serving Times:

  • Diabetic snack
    • 05h00
  • Breakfast
    • 07h30 – 08h00
  • Morning snack
    • 10h00
  • Lunch
    • 11h30 – 12h00
  • Afternoon snack
    • 15h00
  • Supper
  • Evening snack
    • 20h00


The hospital and clinics in the Netcare group have adopted a clean-air policy and smoking is only permitted in clearly demarcated areas. Please discuss this with a nurse in your ward or the ward’s personal assistant.

Counselling services

We are able to offer trained professional counselling consultants to help patients and families cope with the emotional effects of illness, hospitalization and grief. Should you wish to make use of the services of our counselling consultant, please enquire through your ward’s Unit Manager.

Training Institution

UCTPAH is a hospital that offers nursing students the opportunity to do their practical training. Students could approach you for permission to perform certain procedures on you, under the supervision of clinical registered nurses for evaluation purposes. Please feel free to ask the relevant ward Unit Manager for more information.


We are committed to the safety of our patients, doctors and staff as well as the safety of visitors. Clearly visible security personnel are therefore situated at strategic positions throughout the hospital and the hospital grounds, particularly in the parking areas.

Coffee shop

The coffee shop is situated at the end of the hospital corridor opposite the rear exit security desk and offers a tasty range of light snacks, drinks and confectionery. The coffee shop is open between:

Monday to Friday: 08h00-16h00

Vending machines are available to cover the need for snacks and drinks after hours.

Pharmacy services

The pharmacy in this hospital can provide patients with all their in-hospital and discharge (TTO) pharmaceutical needs and professional advice may be sought from our pharmacy staff. Toiletries and gifts are also available. Please feel free to make use of our pharmacy for your on-going pharmaceutical requirements.

Pharmacy hours

  • Monday to Friday:  08h00 – 17h00
  • Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays:  10h00 - 12h00


Any medication which you take on a regular basis must be handed in to the nursing staff who will administer them along with medications prescribed during your stay. Patients are requested not to administer their own medication.


Once your doctor has confirmed your discharge, you are requested not to leave the hospital until all the necessary documents have been signed at the ward reception. Please collect your medication at the pharmacy.


We are committed to the safety of our patients, doctors and staff, as well as the safety of visitors. Clearly visible security staff are situated at strategic positions throughout the hospital and on the hospital grounds. However, UCTPAH and the management cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage that you may occur when in hospital.

Daily Cleaning Wards

UCTPAH strive to the highest level of cleanliness. Wards will be cleaned and bed linen and towels changed on a daily basis through a specialized outsourced cleaning company. Should you require any additional blankets, duvets or pillows, please speak to the ward personal assistant or any nursing staff member.


Our parking is managed by an outside company. Should you wish to make contact with them, you are welcome to request their number from the Marketing/Client Relations Officer.