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Other Financial Information

Hospitalisation can bring many concerns for you and your family especially when it comes to finances.

True cost effectiveness is all about attitude and teamwork. From the outset, the approach of staff and doctors working at the UCTPAH has been to provide excellent medical services as cost effectively as possible.

To assist you, our well trained case managers will be working together with your medical aid and treating doctor to ensure the most cost effective treatment is provided.

This involves the medical team working together to provide quality health care in the most appropriate and cost effective setting. For procedure estimations or more information on fees, please contact our Client Relations person to assist you.

We also encourage the private paying patient to enquire about our competitive fees.

UCTPAH is contracted to most medical schemes. Fees for medical aid patients are charged in accordance with the Netcare Hospital Group Tariffs and in accordance with the relevant contract negotiated with the respective medical aid scheme – accounts will be sent directly to the relevant medical aid society where possible. Please note that services rendered by your individual doctor, anesthetist, pathologist, physiotherapist, radiologist or any other specialist, are not included in the hospital account and will be charged separately by the practice concerned.

Different medical aid and medical insurance schemes have different payment restrictions and benefit limits in terms of procedures covered. Please verify these and, in particular your benefit restrictions in respect of prosthesis e.g. (hip & knee replacement, back & neck fusions) and other special major surgery, prior to your admission, as the hospital cannot accept responsibility for charges levied outside the negotiated benefits rate. Queries in this regard must be addressed with the medical aid, medical insurer and/or practitioner directly.

If you receive payment for your hospitalisation directly from your medical aid/medical insurance company, we encourage you to make contact with our accounts department, in order to arrange payment of your hospital account. Should you also receive payment for medical procedures undertaken by the surgeon, or other medical professionals, please arrange payment with the relevant practice. For safety reasons no cash refunds will be made.