UCT Private Academic Hospital
UCT Private Academic Hospital

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Once you have been discharged, you’ll need to make sure that you have done the following before leaving UCTPAH:

  • Completed all documentation required by the ward. The staff will be there to assist you in making sure all forms are signed and will present you with a discharge form.
  • Remembered to collect any X-rays you may have from the sister in your ward.
  • Shown the main reception your discharge form.
  • Settled any outstanding payments required by your medical aid scheme. This include private room fees and private patient’s accounts such as a telephone bill.
  • Collected your take-home medication. Please note that some medical aids do not cover these medicines. Should this be the case, they may be dispensed from your medical aid’s acute benefit that could generate a levy for which you are personally responsible. If you do not have sufficient funds available in your benefit, this levy may be charged to the private portion of your hospital account.
  • Please provide us with feedback on your experience at UCTPAH. We enjoy compliments, but we also enjoy learning from any constructive criticism.