UCT Private Academic Hospital
UCT Private Academic Hospital

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Arriving at reception

On the day of your admission, you will need to report to reception. The hospital administration staff are committed to giving our patients efficient service at all times and they will help you with all the necessary documentation for your admission.

From reception, you will be accompanied to your ward.

If you are being admitted for a same-day procedure, please take note of the following information to ensure that your admission to the hospital is quick and efficient:

  • Make sure that you arrive at the hospital at the time your doctor recommended to you.
  • Please take note of any fasting requirements for anaesthesia for your own safety and comfort. Your doctor will give you any fasting requirements prior to your surgery. Should you not comply, your surgery could be delayed or cancelled.
  • If you take medication routinely such as for diabetes or hypertension, please check whether or not you may take the medication on the same day as the surgery. If you take any type of blood thinners, please allow your doctor to advise you as to when you need to stop taking them or lower the dosage.

If you have had surgery under general anaesthetic, we strongly advise that you do not drive yourself home. Please arrange with a relative or friend to fetch you from the hospital once you are discharged.