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Weimann Edda, Prof

Paediatric Endocrinologist
Weimann Edda, Prof

Weimann Edda, Prof

Prof Edda Weimann is a paediatrician and has specialised in Paediatric Endocrinology, Metabolism, Adolescent and Public Health. She has a long standing expertise in treating patients with growth deficiency, short stature, tall stature, delayed or early onset of pubertal development, thyroid disorders, Turner Syndrome and multiple other hormone dysfunctions. Tackling the existing obesity pandemic, she has established an interdisciplinary treatment approach for overweight and obese patients to enhance the life quality for the patients and reduce the burden of disease (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, renal failure, etc.) in later life. The chances are better if you start as early as possible.

Prof Weimann has worked internationally and also served as Head of Departments and Children´s hospitals where she has implemented day clinics for obese children and adolescents as well as patients with Prader Willi Syndrome. She is registered as a Paediatrician in South Africa and Europe. She currently works at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Contact us if you want to check:

  • if your child is too small or too tall,
  • if the thyroid enlarged,
  • if the pubertal development is normal and
  • if the weight is within the normal range.

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