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Dunn Robert, Prof

Orthopaedic Surgeons
Dunn Robert, Prof

Dunn Robert, Prof

FCS (SA) Orth, MMed (UCT), MBChB(UCT)

Spine Surgery

Pieter Moll and Nuffield Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery: University of Cape Town
Head: Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Head: Orthopaedic Spinal Services Groote Schuur Hospital / Red Cross Children's Hospital

Professor Dunn trained at UCT both as an undergraduate and specialist before travelling to London to obtain additional fellowship training in spine deformity surgery.  He returned to Groote Schuur Hospital in 2001 to run the spine service.  Here he increased the level of care in the unit where today there is a continuous stream of local and international fellows coming to learn from our clinical practice.

He established the regional Acute Spinal Injury Unit as well as the Red Cross Children’s Hospital deformity service during this time.

He has a particular interest in complex deformity, both in the adult and paediatric group, where he has extensive experience in osteotomy re-alignment surgery and the management of the various types of scoliosis.

In addition to personally performing in excess of 200 spine cases a year, he runs the UCT Department of Orthopaedics.  He has initiated local spine fellowship training and through this increased the access of patients to appropriate spine care.

He is an examiner and president of the College of Orthopaedic Surgeons, EXCO member of SA Orthopaedic Association, EXCO member and past president of SA Spine Society, reviewer for multiple international and local journals, Chairman of AOSpine SA Chapter, IGASS scientific board member and frequently lectures internationally

Private Practice

To ensure that patients requiring his specific expertise are seen timeously, he insists on a referral letter prior to arranging consultation as patients are prioritised on suitability and likelihood of requiring surgery.

His rates are based on practice costs associated with spine surgery.


  • SA Spine Society
  • SA Medical Society
  • Scoliosis Research Society
  • AOSpine


  • Paediatric and Adult deformity
  • Oncology / Infection

 For more information please visit: www.spinesurgery.co.za



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